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great wine was meant to be shared
So we put it in a one litre bottle

this wine is inspiredby my grandmother, Marina Portalupi,
who immigrated to Northern California from Piemonte, Italy.
She believed wine was a staple, like milk and bread, and kept a
barrel of her vino di tavola in her small grocery store. Every day,
customers would fill their empty milk bottles to take home and
pass around the dinner table. Vaso di Marina is a rustic yet
refined wine in that same tradition and we hope you’ll enjoy it the same way.

jane portalupi healdsburg, california
the milk bottle

we love the milk bottlefor a lot of reasons. For us it represents
a time when people valued the simplest of things and found other
uses for them instead of just throwing them away. Milk bottles
were the most democratic and unpretentious containers of the
day—and among the very first mass-produced glass containers.
And, most of all, the one litre bottle holds a third more wine than
a regular 750ml bottle. Which means there's more to share with
family and friends.


Both our Vaso di Marina Red and Vaso di Marina White are
rustic, yet refined wines made in the tradition of those
immigrant winemakers who planted some of the first
California vineyards and built the very foundation of the
California wine industry we enjoy today.fancy_line

Vaso di Marina tasting note and food pairings
Vaso di Marina tasting note and food pairings table
the winemakers

Portalupi Wine Co. began many years ago in a small northern California town where Tim and Jane first met as children. They started Portalupi in 2002 and deliver exquisitely crafted wines worthy of their generation’s history of Italian winemaking. Portalupi is a celebration of their reunion and a tribute to their rich ancestry.

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